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Customer Reviews

 Nery Morales

Great place to just relax and enjoy great food and amazing arts and crafts! Thank you to the three wonderful sisters for being so kind and supportive of BBNS. 
Thank you! Nery Morales BB Natural Sprays!


JUST WANTED TO SAY CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL MEN & LADIES WHO STARTED SUGAR PLUM OVER 34 YEARS AGO!!! I HAVE BEEN AT YOU SHOWS SINCE THE BEGINNING AND STILL LOVE THEM!!! I SO MISS THEM SINCE I HAVE HAD TO MOVE TO OKLAHOMA WISH YOU COULD COME HERE AND SHOW THEM WHAT IT IS LIKE TO SEE A GREAT CRAFT SHOW!!! I WISH YOU ALL MUCH CONTINUED SUCCESS. Hope you will put me on your email list so I know when the shows are in case I can come see them once in awhile. Miss the beautiful crafts!!! Thank you for the many years of seeing and buying your crafts!

 Marla H.

i can't tell you how happy those 2 or 3 hours, walking through Sugar Plum always makes me. see you in feb and march!

 Patti G.

I've been to many craft fairs and this is by far, the biggest and the best. Every year, they have new vendors in addition to old favorites, making it a highly anticipated event. All price ranges, fresh baked goods, stocking stuffers, one of a kind crafts, vintage holiday items, fine jewelry and incredibly innovative items. No wonder so many people line up on opening day to get in. Admission is free and parking is nominal considering that you're going into the fairgrounds and this craft festival takes up an entire fairground building with many rows of interesting finds.

 Diana Clark

Sugar Plum Festivals is not just a great craft fair, it's a great family of talented artists who come together to create an experience that you won't soon forget, it's a feeling that you just can't get anywhere else. Everyone there is exceptional, the vendors are so talented and really helpful to each other and to the customers as well, ready to help you out with whatever you need or find someone else that can help you, right there on the spot.

 Caroline B.

The Sugar Plum festival is perfect for holiday time or for any nick knack you want in or around your home. The vendors are friendly and will let you try on any merchandise you are inquiring. I think it is probably a good thing you rarely leave empty handed because you are bound to find a gift for someone or even yourself! My favorite part of the festival is just the warmth the vendors hold when they display or advertise their products, they don't just want you to love your product, they want you to know about it and it's background. I love coming back every year because no matter when y come, or who you go with, you will leave happy and feel your time was well spent. :)

 Cel J.

located inside the buena park mall near walmart. ran into this place just to see whats its all about, but im glad i checked it out...
the place is very welcoming once you are greeted as you walk into the store...they do bag- check ins for you for your other shoppings you've grab your ticket. they have many vendors and lots of cute crafts and jewelries...
home decors...hats...clothings...and many seasonal/halloween stuffi enjoyed seeing the haunted mansion that was hand built...
-very nice!(see pic!)...and the first time i ever saw bubbles with steam coming out of it as it popped!---very neat!--great idea for halloween props! they had a lil' food court in the back corner of the store...tamales, cookies, bread, coffees, smoothies...
i tried the tamales, it was very good---i think all the vendors that come out here to showcase their creativities are amazing!---i will definitely comeback for the thanksgiving festival/crafts!


 Candize M.'s

I LOVE Sugar Plums Festivals. My sister and mom introduced me to this event that happens a few times a year before holidays. I wait for it now lol. You can sign up to receive a post card reminder of the event and i hear that if you give your postcard to the ppl at the door they raffle it for a gift certificate for theyre next event. There's so many things I want to buy and so many things at prices I must buy and so much stuff you will NOT find anywhere else. Really the vendors are so talented in crafts and all sorts. Its a vintage lovers dream. Great place to go for home decor. And the food and treats they sell are amazing DELICIOUS . 
Everything about Sugar Plum makes it a must go. At least once so you know what all the rave is about. I'm glad I went and am going this weekend infact lol.

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